DVDFab Beta version 6

Hi, all. I purchased the DVDFab Platnium version 5 a few days ago. I just got this email:

I found your order of DVDFab Platinum with order number 4000745.

Please download the latest version at http://club.cdfreaks.com/f116/dvdfab-6-0-0-2-beta-out-273124/ to see result.

Please make sure you select v6.x key in the drop down selector on the retrieve key page http://www.dvdfab.com/retrieveregkey.htm .

Please make sure that you paste key without those asterisks.

Please click “?” mark on front board of DVDFab and choose “about” to see if you can see your name and version number at popup window.

If so, your registration is successful. If not, Please uninstall and reinstall your software and register again.

Any questions in future, please feel free to contact us.

Ada Fang
DVDIdle Support Team

Should I uninstall the Platnium 5 version and download the Beta 6 version? What is the beta version anyway?


No you can keep version 5, as version 6 which is the newest version will install in it’s own folder and icon, you can also install from the top of this forum DVDFAB Beta is out

Thanks, Jimbo. What is the better version? Should I go with the beta version? Is it non-CSS? I guess I’m worried that I’ll have a problem with getting the right program downloaded. When I first downloaded DVDFab Platnium, I downloaded the non-CSS version from DVDFab.NET. I was told to go to DVDFab.COM to get the right download, which I did. I don’t want to get stuck with the non-CSS version. I want to make sure the program I register is the full-open version.

You can get the downloads from the top of this forum or else go to DvdFab.com if you download from DvdFab.net you will get the non-css version which you don’t want. I would go with the version Beta which you download from this forum, All downloads from this forum page and Fab.com are the css versions. Oops almost forgot you can only get the beta version updates from this forum.

Ok…thanks Jimbo!