DVDFab becomes unresponsive after adding multiple ISOs for conversion to AVI

I’ve been converting all my TV series to Xvid with audiocopy. What I have been doing is converting all DVDs to ISO then I add them 1 disc at a time while renaming the individual titles to the episode names or featurette titles and I use the preview to jump ahead to see the actual episode name in the preview window just to make sure the title matches the episode number but I’ve had this problem that on occasion by the time I get to about the 4th DVD and start entering info for the titles, DVDFab gets stuck on the last episode I edited and wont let me move on to the next episode in the preview window, it just stays on the last episode I edited and keeps playing. I can do nothing with it.

I can still add more ISOs to the batch list and can still rename them but the preview will stay stuck on another episode.

This isn’t that big a deal except that the extra featurettes are not listed in order on the DVD case so I was using the preview window to see the actual title of the featurette before renaming but since DVDFab gets stuck way back on a previous disc’s title I have to wait for the whole process to finish overnight then preview the episode in the AM then rename it that way.

I’m currently using DVDFab 5.02.5 and this has happened on all versions of DVDFab 5 and this seems to be a random occuring bug. I’m using Vista (always feel it’s good to point that out for obvious reasons LOL)

I set the program to run over night and it does it’s job even though this little problem has happened.

I’m really sorry for the long winded post for such a small bug as I try to give as much info as possible.

Still love DVDFab 5


OK this is weird, by the time I got done writting that novel…er post, about 15 minutes later, I returned to finish entering the title names for the last disc to find that DVDFab had returned to normal operation and released it’s lock on an earlier disc’s title. I’ve never waited that long before while just letting the program alone to find it had recovered after that much time had passed :confused:

Well like I said, it’s not a critical glitch but at least I brought it to attention.