DVDFab Batching?

I couldn’t find any documentation about doing batching with DVDFab. It is either really obvious or I’m overlooking it. I e-mailed support and received the following response. To be honest I don’t really understand the reply. Can someone break it down for me. I’d like to be able to set up three DVD’s that I have backed up to my hard drive and convert them to iPod format without having to babysit each individual conversion. Thank you in advance.

Support’s Reply:
Please press the first button on behind of window of source to choose movie folders. Then add every one to DVDFab to convert to your Ipod.
Please see instruction at http://docs.dvdfab.com/
Any questions in future, please feel free to contact us.

Docs are a little lite and the response you got is hard to understand.

This probably works better if DVDs are already ripped to hard drive.

I am assuming you are running DVD to Mobile (IPOD) here but the steps are about the same for DVD to DVD.

  1. Open folder or disc in Source at the top
  2. Set you Destination folder next
  3. Select IPOD on left pane then click Next at the bottom
  4. You will now be in Task List where you can click Configure if needed to change encoding detals.
  5. Instead of clicking Start to begin encode, click Back
  6. Go back to Step 1 above and repeat until you have all the conversions you want in the task list.
  7. Once done, click Start to begin all encoding jobs.

Make sure all jobs have a uninque name in the configure option since they will default to the same folder. If you choose IPOD they will be in a subfolder called IPOD under your destination folder you chose.

You can delete tasks before encoding. You can encoding using different profiles as well. I like to queue them up at night and click the Shutdown box and let it run while I am asleep then shutdown the computer.

Good Luck.

ahh thank you. It was the “back” part that I didn’t understand I guess. I thought it just replaced whatever task you set prior. I didn’t see that it saved it. Thank you.