DVDfab BADLY NEEDS to upgrade!

As many of you know, there is some horrible protection on Transformers 2 and Star Trek preventing people from making a back up of the entire movie with all the menus. Transformers 2 has been on DVD for OVER a month now and DVDfab has NOT put out a new version to beat this copy protection?!?! What’s the delay on this?!?!?!

The paid version has been updated for both AFAIK. There will be a several week (month?) delay on the free section. Meanwhile, use the search and find out how to do them.

That’s right. If you want faster service, you have to pay for it. They’ve already given you an incredible program for free, so I wouldn’t be complaining.

Well, I found out the newest version plus AnyDVD makes it work. I tried it and success!