DVDfab backup gets pixelation on edges



Hi everyone,

I just bought dvdfab v8 last week and decided to start converting my movies to mkv so I can have them all on my media server rather then having a cupboard full of diisks that I have to empty out to find the movie I want.

So here is the scenario:

I have a i7 2600K pc with 8GB ram 6Tb of drive space, ATI hd6970 oc2 vide card running windows 7 and mezzmo for the media centre,

I have installed dvdfab version 8 on this server as it has grunt and i figured would be a good place to start conveting my movies.

I have tried to convert ID4 6 times now I have messed around with frame rates etc but whenever I look at the converted movie it seems to get a considerable amout of pixelation. This is thru all the different kinds of media player software out there wunning directly on the server/pc.

I cant seem to find any setting that I am doing wrong I followed the instructions on the dvdfab website just to make sure I wasnt doing anything wrong and its the same deal.

Can anyone tell me what im doing wrong ?

I will try fast and the furious now and update you guys but any help would be appreciated cause I am guessing this one is going to do the same.



I’d advise just using DVDFab to decrypt and rip your movies to the hard drive (unconverted and uncompressed). Then convert to H264 mkv files using something else, like the free programs Handbrake or Ripbot264. Both of those programs can use the X264 encoder, which will run rings around the output from DVDFab’s conversion section.



Thanks for that will try. I have noticed that some programs when the convert the movie produce a movie that is 6 gb in size and dvdfab seems to convert the movie at 800Mb this seems strange to me if I am telling dvdfab to leave everything as the source.

I have used handbrake before to convert some movies for my sons piano teacher so she counld edit the movies on her mac so I might try it again.

Thanks for the help will tell you how it all went.