DVDFab Assistance Required


I’m trying to copy The Godfather (Part II) which is spread over two discs into one title (without compression).

I can merge the discs with no compression but this creates one folder with two titles. ie If you playback using VLC for example I need to select navigation followed by title two to select the second part of the movie.

Is there a way to combine these two parts so that the running time is that of the whole film without having to make ajustments 2/3 through the film to view part II?


Which version of DVDFab are you using? Decryptor, Gold or Platinum? Are you only interested in playing the DVD on your PC or would you like to play it in a DVD player?

Depending on your answers, you can try playing with the “Merge” feature. Although not a DVDFab product, what I did with my multi-disc movies was use DVD Decryptor which can rip a title into a single file and then use “copy /b disc1.vob + disc2.vob godfather2.vob” to merge the files. I then converted the VOB to a WMV for my XBox, so I don’t know if that causes any issues when played with a VOB player - I have had issues doing this where it corrupts some chapter information but it’s still a playable MPEG file.

WinDVD will play the two Merge mode titles with hardly a glitch. Never tried it with VLC. I’ve converted many flipper discs and 2-disc sets this way.

//EDIT// Just tried with VLC and it won’t work from a HDD folder. Works fine playing from a disc. I’ve never tried to use VLC this way and there may be a setting I am missing. Can’t get it to process the VIDEO_TS.IFO file from a folder. The versions of WinDVD and PowerDVD that come with many new drives will do this fine.


Try using the “File/Open directory” in VLC to see if that works for you. I have used it many times to open up a DVD on the HDD.

Thanks, Geekster! I knew a VLC hardcore would show up. :slight_smile: I just never use it for playing IFO+VOB.

//EDIT// Didn’t work for me–crashes. I am using VLC v0.8.6b. I am opening the VIDEO_TS folder–assume this
is right. I’ll try another folder.

I am using the 0.8.6.f which opens up the VIDEO_TS folder fine. I don’t have Godfather to check it with but I just opened up AVP Requiem the unrated version and it worked just fine. You might want to update to the newer version of VLC to see if that works for you.