DVDFab/Archos 605

I want to get the best settings for getting movies onto my Archos 605

before I try a few, does anyone find the PVP Archos 540/604 the way to go or one of the generic settings?


I have a 504 with the plugins and use the 504/604 profile. Works great, no audio sync issues. The default volume level is set high (215%) to make it audible on the crummy 504 speaker. If the 605 is better equipped, you might try turning that back down. VOB Passthrough will work if you have the Cinema plugin and looks awesome, but the files are huge. I have also made a H.264 profile for the 504 that looks a little better than the regular MPEG-4. I use high bitrates (2000-2500 kb/s) and both actually look pretty good. You have to have another plugin for the H.264 video to work (at least on the 504, the 605 may come with that stuff standard).