DVDFab announces new device: DVDFab Movie Server

DVFab today announced a new product called DVDFab Movie server. The device can be connected to the same home network (wireless or through a cable) as a computer running DVDFab 10 and then serve as a companion to manage and playback video content.

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Thanks for sharing this news JW :rose:

Another thing needs to be noted is that the pre-order price will only be available before May 9. And since the pre-sell starts, we received lots of positive feedbacks and many questions. To make better learning of this Movie Sever, our editor made a list of FAQ on dvdfab website. If anyone is interested in this new product, you can learn more here: http://www.dvdfab.cn/movie-server.htm

Does the device support both DVD images and BRD images? What about non-DVD/non-BRD containers, such as Matroska, AVI, and MP4?

Yes, this device supports to play dvd& bluray iso file and also all kinds of video formats file.

Sounds awesome Lucy, I am going to spread the word.

You got to be kidding after getting the software now you want more money? And will they ship as the MPIAA will block any shipments and arrest accounts making such orders? This will more then bring interest from MPIAA and their lawyers.