dvdFab and windows explorer help

I am new to these forums and have been reading and searching for an answer to my problem.

To drop and drag files to my dvd, i have been using Sonic DLA which i recently downloaded the latest version from Dell’s support page. It has worked perfectly for me until i installed dvdfab platinum. When I am using windows explorer, it acts as if there is no disc in the drive or i get ‘Drive not accessible’. Incorrect function’. If i uninstall dvdfab and play around w/ my computer for awhile, i can get these functions to work. I have downloaded dvdfab several times to make sure i have a good install.

how can i get my data files backed up and use dvdfab? I have a philips 8631 dvd drive w/ the latest firmware. I want to be able to backup my quicken, quickbooks and various documents on a dvd rw in case of a harddrive crash. any advice is much appreciated.

It sounds like DVDFab is messing with the UDF capabilities of dragging files to your DVD using the software that came with your system.
We’ll need to see what other, more knowlegable users say…

Hello reeceb73
Sonic would that be Record Now :confused:
I also have Sonic and it’s Record Now 4.56, for it to allow you to use Drag n Drop it uses “Packet Writing” which can cause the problem you are having.
I myself no longer use Sonic Record Now just for that reason.
I have heard some members say that having a few program that each one uses Packet writing will conflict with each other, of course I don’t know that for sure, I know that DVDFab uses Packet Writing a the default writing format, if you want “JUST to see” what happens OPEN DVDFab and in common settings\WRITE change from Packet Writing to SAO Writing
and get back with the results


i have tried SAO writing, but i still get the same results. I uninstalled DLA and dvdfab and got my dvd drive working properly again. I changed to SAO writing, but after burning a few discs, i get the same result. I am unable to drop and drag in windows explorer and I am unable to access any blank media using WE.

Anyone have any suggestions for me?

You have not said if the sonic program you have is Record Now or not, I asked you in my last reply, also did you format the disc :confused: if not you need to format it in order to use the drag and drop feature.

PS…In order to access the drag and drop disc you need DLA on your system

sorry about that. the computer came w/ record now, but i have never used it. I have since uninstalled it.

b/c sonic DLA isnt working now, I cannot format my discs. I had a DVD-RW w/ all my backup data on it and after i use DVDFab, when i click on the disc using WE it wont show any data. I took that same disc and used DVDfab to backup a movie and DVDfab formatted the disc and put the movie onto the disc. When I go to WE, i can read the disc perfectly, but I no longer have the option to format the disc.

If i uninstall dvdfab, and DLA and then reinstall DLA i can use the drop and drag function fine. I can format my discs and I can see data on my discs that i have already backed up. I just cant seem to get these 2 programs to work together.

any advice is much appreciated.

Well let me see if I can explain it OK,

  1. When you format a disc to use Drag and Drop the disc is left open(Not Finalized or Closed) and in order to read a disc that is formated for Drag and Drop it can only be read by a computer that has DLA installed.
  2. DVDFab does not format a DVD-RW for Drag and Drop BUT it will over write the disc if there is data on it.

My HP came with RecordNow and I still use it not often but still do from time to time I also have DVDFab Platinum, I do not have a conflict with anything on my system with any program of course I think this has to do to the fact I do not let any program to run in the background not even Messenger “Disabled” that all together.
I have also Disabled and control any and all programs at start up.
OH BTY I did or do have one problem with the Drag and Drop disc that had a long time ago when I first started using RecordNow and that was my fault, and what was going was this

I would put all my downloaded programs on the disc for future installation but I did not think about putting each .EXE file in their own folder so when I went to put the disc into the drive had a few programs trying to install at the same time “My Fault” not the programs
SO if you use drag n drop make sure you put data in folders also turn off auto run because using drag n drop formated disc and auto run together will cause conflicts because the minute you put a drag n drop formated disc into your drive and if you have auto run enabled you have two programs trying to open the disc at the same time and"CRASH" no can do

PS DVDFab is not the problem

Hey Tim thats a good thought on program startup, myself I use selective startup in msconfig and only allow McAfee and a few things that are necessary to start and I don’t have any trouble backing up any dvd

Hi Jim
I never use msconfig :rolleyes:
I use Quick Startup :bigsmile: easy to use, and at my age I like “No Fuss No Muss” specially with all these SENIOR MOMENTS I’ve been having lately.
If you want to check it out you can find it HERE
and it is free

Tim :bigsmile:

Thanks Tim I’ll look at it