DVDFab and PS2

Hi all, Newbie here could anyone help please,

I purchased the platinum version purely for it’s ability to back-up PS2 games, I have 3 of the naughtiest kids around, they dont put disc’s away and consequently they get scratched and dont work anymore, these games are expensive so I want to make back-ups and let them use them until they are scratched and burn them another copy.

DVDFab backs up the disc ok, but it will not write, I am using a Samsung DVD writer and Verbatim DVD-R 8X discs, the same I use for their DVD’s when I make copies for them to destroy, but I keep getting a message,

No Media inserted
Please insert a compatible media to start write process.

I have used DVDFab to write DVD’s, although I prefer DVD Shrink it seems to be faster, I have used the DVDFab decrypter on the new DVD’s I have bought, so I dont think the problem is compatability,

Any ideas as to why this is happening, I would really appreciate any assistance with this problem.

Hi GraymanSA, Firstly welcome to the forum. When you backed up the PS2 data did you clone copy it?

Please also let us know what version you are using.

Thanks, Peter :rolleyes:

Hi Peter,
Thanks for the interest, I am using 3040 and yes I did use Clone to back-up the data.

H GraymanSA, I have not come across this before, but I know that Ver is for some people buggy :sad: I would recommend reverting back to and give that a try. Also check on common settings to make sure they are all correct. Also are you burning with VSO engine or Nero?

Cheers, Peter. :bigsmile:

Originally Posted by akselsoft

Version craps out when reading files from folders on hard drives. This is a known bug and a fix is on the way (verging on overdue). Platinum should burn an exact copy in Clone mode with no problem, just do as Mack suggested in his post.

This was from another thread

what should the common settings be to be able to copy PS2 games and will i have to switch them back and forth to copy DVD’s?

Hi sadisticbiscuit, Common setting do not need to be touched. Use DVD- discs, and use clone mode. That’s it.

Best regards, Peter.

Then make sure that your Ps2 is chipped or you are using swap discs etc.

Thanks in advance for any info…I’m using DvdFab to back up my PS2 games with HP 16x dvd-r’s and booting them with swap magic plus 3.6. I did 2 games and one worked and the other didn’t. I was just wondering if anyone has any tips that would help, such as is the a certain write speed I should use?? Or ANY other info that would help me so that I don’t waste disc’s.

I am sorry but I am new to this forum and I had problems backing up my PS2 games as well but the problem I get is to “Insert a PS2 formatted disc” when I am trying to play the disc that I have backed up… is this due to what you mentioned above? and if so… what does that mean?


You need to Mod the PS2 to play backup discs. This software will not do that.

I have done alot of Ps2 games and you can put a new chip in them or use swap magic discs with a flip top case sold in kits they work great for those who can not solder ect. :slight_smile:

You are right, some think they can just copy the games and they will work. Glad you have it figured out.:clap: