DVDFab and Paypal

I tried DVDFab Platinum and decided I would like to pay for it. I began the process and indicated that I wanted to use PayPal for the payment. I clicked on the link to PayPal and I got a page that looked like PayPal. However, though I have an account with PayPal and though I entered my own password, the PayPal page asked me for a new credit card.

I thought this was strange, so I went, on my own, to PayPal and send them the URL of the PayPal page that I got through DVDFab. They indicated that the page was not legitimate.

Has anyone else had this experience? What is happening here. I would like to purchase the software but I do not want to give a credit card to a phony source.


Wow!:eek: First I’ve heard of that. Were you purchasing from the dvdfab.com page? When I purchased a second license for my son a few months ago, the European PayPal I remember worked a little differently than the site here in the US, but it went through OK.

Sure looks like the same page.

I use PayPal frequently here in the US and it never asks for an additional credit card. That is what made me suspicious. When then I contacted PayPal directly, they indicated that it was a bogus site.

I tried it again, using the link from this site. I downloaded Platinum. Then went to register it. It ended up taking me to PayPal and I got the following message:

To complete this secure payment, add a credit card to your PayPal account and click ‘Continue’.

Why is this necessary? I already have a PayPal account and it looks suspicious to me that I have to add another credit card to my account.

Maybe your browser has been highjack try cleaning out your browser temp files and cookies and the internet files/Cache
Download and run a free scan using Spyware Detector from the link below you may be very surprised what it find :bigsmile:

It may be that Element 5, the payment processor, does not accept the card you already have registered. Still it pays to be careful. Does the URL for the PayPal site begin “https//…”? If your PayPal is linked to a bank account, you should be able to make a deposit into PayPal and not use a credit card at all.

Is your card a visa?Visa has blocked some transactions overseas,if so that is why they wanted another card.Just upgraded to platinum no problems with the paypal link on fab being legit,confirmed my paypal account after I was done.

Should take you to a page called [B]RegNow[/B] if I remember right as helped someone use that using paypal.

Just an update. I tried to register again and this time the PayPal page was to a different provider (Avangate vs DigitalRiver). This worked fine and I was able to register the product. Really strange.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Not sure if this helps any, as you seem to have got through in the end.

I had a similar problem with PayPal (not for DVDFab), where my ‘debit’ (not credit) card details had expired and it would not let me select the card I wanted to pay with.

The soloution was -->

  1. Goto paypal site and login there and then update any card details.
  2. Goto the site your ordering from and then go through their paypal link and the card(s) where then visible.

Doing part 2) didn’t allow me to update card details when going into Paypal from an external link.

Might help someone.