DVDFab and Nero Burn Speed

Hi All

By mistake on my last DVD backup using DVDFab Plat 3208Beta, I forgot to reset burn engine to VSO and instead DVDFab used Nero (I have Ole Faithfull Nero 6). What surprised me, and burnt me a coaster, was that it burnt at x16 speed. :confused:

I checked in my Write Settings in DVDfab and the speed was set at X4 - which I like to use and have never had problems with.

Question ? - do the Write Settings in DVDFab apply to Nero or only internal VSO engine?

I checked the Write settings in Nero 6 and they always seem to default to maximum whenever Nero is opened. Sure I can set the write speed manually if I open the Video files in Nero, but if DVDFab uses Nero you cannot set the write speed. I assumed the settings in DVDFab would apply to Nero as well.
I don’t really want to use Nero to burn but I am just curious.

Thanks Fengtao for a superb product :slight_smile: :slight_smile: - and please understand this is not a criticism of DVDfab at all - just a question for future reference, and hopefully it may help some others.

i have recently had slow burning problems with vso and have switched to using nero. i was searching for the answer to this question and i found this post. if it cant be done with the nerocmd is there a way to use nerosdk and set a burn speed?

//sorry :slight_smile: not to high jack this thread, but want to explain my situation a little. over the last couple of months ive been receiving slower and slower rip/burn speeds using dvdfab, ive just blown it off as a drive problem. recently my burns have just gotten worse and worse. ive performed every suggestion i could find in the hardware forum and in the dvdfab forum related to drive troubleshooting. so before i threw my drive in the trash and got a new one i busted out good ole dvd decrypter and it flew threw a rip/burn with no problems. still with dvdfab and vso i just cant get the performace i once did. i love :bow: dvdfab and will never abandoned it so long as its updated. :clap:


Thanks for the response, and the link to the post advising DVDFab not supported in Nero write speed.

Likewise here. I very rarely use nero…perhaps twice since Fab 2 transitioned to Fab 3.
For the heck of it, just tried it again.
Set burn speed to 8X in platinum. Stuck a TYG03 (rarely used…almost always use +R) in a sammy SH-S203B.
The sucker burned at 16-20X… :eek: :bigsmile: The burn seems ok based on a quick peek.
I believe the burn speed for nero used to stick in the old Fab 2…a useless, but maybe interesting bit of info.

OT…sorry Sterling… :flower:

Hi troy,

I’ve read your many posts here with great interest and respect.
First off, sorry to hear of your problems.
I’m sure you’ve done the all the usual troubleshooting…ad nauseum and I see you’ve ruled out hardware.
Having said that, we all miss stuff, and sometimes even though we’ve “done that”, when it’s done for the 3rd or 4th times it sticks…go figure.
Anyway, I’m sure you’ve tried this stuff, and I apologize for the repetition, but have you…
>done a complete uninstall of Fab and run a registry cleaner…
>done a system restore back to a known good configuration…
>uninstalled your ODs… (I know you ran it in another system, tried it again since)
>checked for multiple/corrupted installs of the patin-couffin driver…
>checked/uninstalled packet writing software like InCD, sonic, roxio…
>psu overheating…underpowered, cables all good, connections checked…
>bios problem
We’d be happy to help, not sure where to start???

I noticed I screwed up quoting you… :doh: I was in a hurry. I meant to ask you if you had dl’d and tried nerosdk?

first i would like to apoligize again for high jacking this thread. i have been thinking about starting one but when i read the OP and started to reply it all just come out at once. if somebody feels this needs to be seperated i will understand.

i have downloaded nerosdk but its still compressed, havent tried to use it yet.

ive reset dma, uninstalled secondary ide, disconnected the cables, restarted computer, waited 30 min and reconnected, checked master/slave jumpers, enabled/disabled smart burn, upgraded to mv96 and mv9n test firmwares, even went back to sony myr5 and myr6 firmwares, uninstalled dvdfab and reinstalled to earlier version, ran hdd cleaners, spyware/adware cleaners, registry cleaners, disk defragmenter, system restore, no start-up entries, only essential services running… countless other things all of which i can not remember. also followed this. rip/burn goes smooth (and alot faster, rip maxes out at 21mb/s) with dvddecrypter and nero burning rom.

i have already performed the steps you have suggested however will do again after this post. i have checked the bios for proper master/slave configuration. dont mess with the bios too much, is there something else in bios i should check? could it be the psu if dvdfab is the only time i have a problem? my network adapter and video card are both on board and i dont have any extra external hardware.

i dont want to work around dvdfab, ive been a faithful user since february and think i will eventually find the answer.

i would post a burn log but dont have one.

Win XP Home SP2
AMD Atlon XP 2400+
VIA VT8375
Pheonix Bios AM37320
1.5 GB DDR
Lite-On DVDRW SHM-165P6S (xf Sony DVD RW DW-G120A)

Likewise, apologies again to StirlingMac.

Still sounds like an access layer conflict of sorts, ? driver hijacked.
Look in device driver and see if the patin-couffin driver is properly installed and working and confirm only 1 installation.

Right click on the [B]Fab icon [/B] >
Left click [B]Properties [/B] >
Left click [B]Find Target [/B] >
Left click[B] PcSetup.exe [/B] >
Click on + to expand[B] Patin-Couffin driver [/B] >
Left click on burner to highlight >
Right click to open >
Note [B]DMA mode[/B]…
Try to force appropriate DMA mode ? UDMA 2

If this doesn’t work, uninstall the patin-couffin driver from device manager.
Go to the vso site and download and install vso inspector.
I believe this willl install the latest patin-couffin driver, it used to anyway
If not, just reinstall Fab.

If still no go, I’d email support at vso to further troubleshoot and at least rule this out.
Portmac (Ken) is your best bet.
I think his email is still portmac at (replace with @) vso-software.fr.
He’s one of the mods in the VSO section:

Could you create and post a burn log with vso?

Good luck troy, hope this helps.

thanks for your help maineman. :slight_smile:

i uninstalled my dvd writer and the secondary ide channel from device manager. shut down the computer and disconnected the drive from ide and power. rebooted. uninstalled dvdfab. deleted the pcouffin device for 32 bit systems ([B]I HAD TWO[/B]). searched and deleted all files for ‘dvdfab’, ‘patin’ and ‘couffin’. (there were others which came up but when i search now they are not there) followed the steps provided by stormjumper upto “delete the DVDFab Folder (AND) the “PCSETUP” Folder …now close my documents”. went into regedit and deleted all entries containing dvdfab, patin and couffin. restarted and automatically installed secondary ide channel. ran regseeker twice. restarted and ran windows defragment. restarted and installed dvdfab beta. shutdown and reconnected my dvd writer. rebooted and started to use dvdfab.

i am now able to perform an 8x burn in 8½ min. awesome. :slight_smile: working pretty good at least by my standards. :bigsmile:

during my other clean uninstall/reinstalls i did not search files or delete entries manually from registry. i do use convertxtodvd, thinking it may have somehow corrupted my pcouffin giving me two instances. this maybe where i got the extra pcouffin files?? also when i ran regseeker the entries for pcouffin were not invalid and did not get deleted with an auto registry cleaner?? :confused:

Hey troy, great news man, congrats!!!
I think 8X is a really comfortable speed for this burner.
I’ve got the same burner except it’s the lightscribe model, a function I never use… :doh: :bigsmile:
These days I mostly use it as a reader, but she’s a solid burner even at 12X, although at 8X it’s darn near perfect.

Anyway, glad to hear you’re back up and running smoothly with Fab… :iagree: