Dvdfab and mac?

Hey everyone,
i tried searching the forum but couldnt come across anything… im running mac osx with virtual pc win 2k

i try to install dvdfab and it goes through the whole process and freezes at the end and says “error log created” restart program. never fully installing dvdfab. Is there some settings i need to do in vpc? etc? any help would be greatly appreciated!

it seems to be some sort of patin couffin driver problem… can anyone help me out?

I think dvdfab doesn’t work with mac, go to dvdfab.com and cheack frequently asked questions.

i realize the program isn’t ported to mac, i’ve been using Virtual PC 7.02 with win 2000 with other software. So i wanted to install and use dvdfab but i keep having problems with the pcouffin driver that keeps failing on me… i’ve checked out other threads about uninstalling delete all instances of pcouffin etc. i even installed the stand alone pcouffin driver. nothing is seeming to work for me.

wondering if anyone has had any successwith getting dvdfab and virtual pc to play nice and what steps they may have taken.


As far as I know there has never been any testing of the PC driver on virtual pc, nor do we make Mac software.
And as such there is little advice I can offer.

Have virtual pc 7.02 running xp pro sp2,can load fab but it won’t recognize the drives,this is because it changes your drive to ms drive.Look in the device manager and you will see only generic ms drive even when you select one of yours to use.You can play anything you want,but since fab does not recognize the drive, no ripping ,sorry.I hope this helps

cool, thanks for the info guys! Too bad :frowning:

Using DVDFab platinum 5.030 on my mac with VMWare and that works very well and fast :slight_smile: