DVDFab and ImgBurn Settings

Hi Guys, Is it safe/recommended to uncheck " Lock Volume - Exclusive Access" box in IMGBURN Write settings.

I’ve also gone over to using ImgBurn with DVDFab after reading so many of the posts. I am very happy with the results, but I keep getting those two error messages come up on the ImgBurn status log. It does ignore them after awhile and then continue the burn process anyway.

Hi Mac
As far as I know it is fine to uncheck the box. Or just ignore the warning. I think it more of an advisory. I use Img for DLs, but always in standalone mode, not from within DVDFab.

You accidentally posted this in the DVD to Mobile/VideoFab sub-forum. This is a new thing. The regular DVD to DVD DVDFab forum is just below this one.

Oops - sorry.

Thanks for reply Signals. Keep well