DVDFAB and "Get Smart" series issue

I have recently purchased the Time-Life “Get Smart” series (seasons 1-5) from Time-life, not some knock off. Needless to say this series is extremely expensive, and I can’t have anything happen to the originals.

I am using DVDFAB, TDK DVD-R, and have tried several different relatively new Panasonic DVD player models (IDE and SATA). My issue:

When I try to backup any of the Time-Life DVD’s, DVDFAB goes through the motions as if everything is working perfectly, and even at the end I get the “process completed” message.
HOWEVER, when I try to play the backed up DVD, Windows (XP) says that the format is one that Windows can’t read.

In addition, when I right click on the DVD player with the backup DVD (in My Computer), select properties, select the DVD player with the backed up DVD, and select populate, I get a box showing that 0 bytes are free (which is normal), but it also shows that 0 bytes have been used. I am having no problems with any other DVD’s that I have backed up. Oh, and by looking at the bottom (data side) of the backed up DVD, I can see that data has filled the DVD.
Like I said the strange thing is DVDFAB says everything went normally during the backup, but Windows doesn’t recognize the backed up DVD.

Any thoughts?

Well, I figured it out (thanks in part to cdfreaks)

After looking around the forum, I found a completely unrelated post suggesting to use the Nero burning engine instead of the default VSO. I figured what the heck and tried it for my situation…IT WORKED BEAUTIFULLY, and now I am using only the Nero engine to burn everything.
I would kind of like to know why this worked, but I guess it really isn’t that important.

Very soon, I will have to spend copious amonts of time sifting through these forums. cdfreaks is fantastic!!!

Thanks for helping me make the connection,:flower:

You could also look at ImgBurn for your burning needs & I would suggest installing VLC Media Player, both free.


I had to use Nero to do some burns, my brother in law told me that Fab used Nero any ways. I told him if it was true then why does Fab have it’s own burning engine, and the Nero came with the DVD Burner. Fab came with it’s own. It’s just nice that Fab does give the owner the choice of which burning engine to use. I can only think that if you have a newer version of Fab, it may be a glitch in the program since Fab 5 has HD support, that could be the conflict. I’d also contact Fab and ask their tech support. But I would try Nero, and check to see who made the disc’s your using. Last try what beef barley said. Just because stuff say’s Windows, sometimes you need to throw it out the window… Sorry Bill.