DVDfab and DVD43



Does the new version of DVDfab Platinum use DVD43 and is there any way to get rid of DVD43?

I am running Windows XP and I keep getting “WIndows recovered from a serious error” messages. When the error reporter sent the info to Microsoft a web page pops up saying that DVD43 is causing errors. If I put an audio CD in the the drive Windows will crash (no blue screen just a reboot.) I also use AnyDVD but I have that turned off at the time and I know there is a problem with using AnyDVD with DVDFab Platinum. Has anyone else had this problem and were you able to solve it?


Hi mpv191 and welcome to cdfrreaks.

Yes, it’s likely that dvd43 will cause conflicts.
First remove via control panel > add and remove programs.
Then navigate to your program files and dvd43 folder and delete all files there…eg., C:\Program Files\dvd43.
This, hopefully will do it, but you may have to run a registry cleaner.
If you need one, click on the regseeker link in my sig.

Hope this helps.


DVD43 installs a driver like patin couffin so it will need to be removed. Fengtao did buy some technology from the author of DVD43 before DVD43 became a pay for use product, but thing they have since gone under.



A;so if DVD43 uses the pcouffin and you delete DVD43 then the pcouffin will also be deleted so you will or may have to re-install DVDFab to put the pcouffin back on your system for DVDFab to use…just my 2 cents



Does not use patin couffin but works on same principle of access layer.



If it deletes your pcouffin driver just download VSO inspector and it will also install the pcouffin driver back, (just my 3 cents worth Tim) :slight_smile:


Boy I sure must be lucky as I have Roxio and also DVD-43 plus a few other programs and I don’t have any trouble at all ( just have to make sure DVD43 isn’t running in the background) Morning Pals, coffee time


Do a google search for patin couffin and you will find many programs have a tie to patin couffin since it is a free burning engine.