DvdFab and DVD+RW media

I’ve been using Verb DVD+RW’s to burn alot of my music compilations to. I do this so that I can make sure everything is okay before I burn to DVD+R.

I’ve noticed that all of a sudden DVDFab says that there is already data on the disc and it will have to overwrite this and also reformat the disc.

I know that this is not is not a FAB problem but can someone please help. Windows cannot read my erased discs as well. An error message comes up saying Windows does not recognize the media inerted and that the disc may be corrupt or needs formatting. I am using Nero to do a full disc erase before I re-burn.

Am I doing the right thing by doing a FULL ERASE with Nero or ImgBurn.

The disc’s are identified as DVD-ROM’s after I erase.

you don’t need to do a full erase - just let Fab erase & re-write or just do a quick erase - that’s all I ever do.

Every so often, I’ll run into a +RW that stubbornly doesn’t overwrite easily, but generally not and I don’t use many RWs for Fab anyway.

When you said that Fab prompts you that it needs to overwrite and reformat, what happens at this point?
Will Fab proceed if ok’d?
Is the disc playable? or does it always require an outside app such as nero?

I’m sure you know this but we all miss obvious stuff sometimes…
In [B]Common Settings [/B] >[B] Write[/B] >
Enable [B]Overwrite rewritable media automatically[/B]
and this hopefully will fix your problem.

Sorry but not sure what you mean by windows won’t recognize the erased disc?
Is your OS XP? It has no innate capability to “see” or burn blank dvds. This is probably normal behavior unless I’m misunderstanding.

(nice to see you back maineman)

can you erase a finalized +rw disc booktyped to dvd-rom? i dont know, always set mine with ner0 not to finalize. only use dvd+r with dvdfab.


if you’re talking about the disc not getting recognised,-sp? try setting your disc to get started by your drive. example right click your drive and select when blank disc inserted do this!!! also sometimes with failed discs, at the begining of the disc the toc or what ever is started then isnt completed for whatever reason. computers and programs then have a hard time to see whats on the disc though they know its not empty!!!
anyway good luck

i backed up ratatouille or what ever its called no problem.
full disc dvd9.
w\dvd fab hd decrypter 4020 beta.
wxp pro, 1.6 amd, 80gighd, 1gig ram.
burner; io magic 12x multi w 2.4 dl. cause SHE wanted the other two stupid movies & menus. Main movies r enough for me, but the 5 year old always wins!

then using dvd fab hd decrypter 4020 beta to dvd9 hdrip, then dvd shrink to dvd5 main movie only to .iso then burnt with img burn.

so two back ups no problems. i did use a brand new ratatataouille disc which i exchanged at store, cause first one didnt seem to work. but i persisted and just let decrypter do its magic-which seemed to take a little longer on this title.

if the free one (4020)works “u must acquit fengtao” and chalk it up to user configuration.

I reciently installed a titanquest memory editor “sstqdefiler” and had a problem where nothing would burn. unistalled it and the games =burning resumed?!?! i own both tq and imortal throne? so ?!?!?!?!!?

anyway this software is the shitstorm to dvds so BUY IT!

EDit :delete all double post oops!

Thanks for all the help. It is still strange what is happening but it is not prevevting me from burning onto the discs - as long as I use DVDFaband Nero (sometimes). I do not have a problem with this as I have never had coasters with Fabs burning. I only burn at 4x mind you.

I have also checked the Autoplay function as requested by flashgod. Strange thing here as well. I have 2 burners on my setup and only one will recognise the disc and open the Autoplay screen. This is the burner which is configured to do my burning through Windows.

I will adopt the ‘no erase’ or ‘quick erase’ route in future and leave it up to Fab or Nero to over write the data. I have tested this and the burns all come out perfect.

Thanks for all your help once again.

try tweakUI to fix autoplay settings on your other drive.

& to answer another poster, you can erase ANY disc, however booktyped, with most software. Erase just checks that it can write to the disc then does what it is told to do !