Dvdfab and dual layer



What am I doing wrong, please help. I have upgraded to dvdfab gold 5. I think something in my settings must be wrong as every time I try to backup a movie dvdfab is asking for a dual layered disk. I realise quality is down when shrinking but I spend a lot of time away from home and use dvd rw’s for a quick movie fix instead of carting around my originals. What is causing it not to shrink? Or is the programme not able to compress. Please help.:sad:


I don’t use RWs, but another user that does posted recently that it works better if you completely erase them first before trying to use them as a target in DVDFab. The program compresses just fine except in Clone, Split and Write Data modes, where none is applied.


TYVM signals… I do fully erase BUT think I have solved this one myself. For some reason DVDFab is defaulting to DVD 9 on start up, I changed this to DVD 5 and all is good. But hey it just goes to show a complete pc illiterate can sometimes think for themselves, no laughing but I am rather pleased with this minor WOW moment :clap:


Congrats! The first of many I’m sure. :slight_smile: You have learned a great truth: most software does what you tell it to.