DVDFab Advanced Title Settings problem

Hi All

I have just used the Advanced Title Settings feature in ’ Customize Mode’ to save only a few titles of a music dvd to my hard drive. ie. titles 3 - 7.

Then wanted to include this at the end of another disc of the same artist - but the file created using the Advanced Title Setting feature would not open with DVDFab Platinum. :doh:

Have since experimented with this and every time I use the Advanced Title Settings feature the file cannot be re-opened by Fab.

FYI - this file can be opened in DVDShrink, plays perfectly with Windows Media Player, Power DVD and Nero Show Time. Even burnt it to disc and does all the previous functions perfectly - but is still not recognised by Fab. I am using but went back to with the same results.

Anyone had the same problem? Would appreciate some feedback.

You probably need to use Merge mode for this. Look over the Guide for MP3s in my sig. It uses Merge to combine tracks from concert videos.

Hi Signals - good to hear from you again.

Just to clarify what I am trying to do - I am not wanting Mp3 at all but want to put a section of one Music DVD at the end of another. Wanted to use Merge Mode to combine the 2 files but as I mentioned the one created with Advanced would not re-open - all modes showed blank screen.

Appreciate your time.

Same here:) . I haven’t tried this in a while but it should still work the same way it did when I made that guide (in your case you wouldn’t do all the extra steps for making and stripping the MP3s). I’ll run a test later and see what happens.

Here is what I tried. I took two concert DVDs. From the first I used Customize/No Menus and Advanced Title Settings to extract 4 chapters to a HDD folder:

Then I loaded the second disc and used Merge to put the two together (and used Chapter Range again to clip the end credits off the longer one):

The output was 1 full concert plus 4 songs from the other. I tested the files and folders for all the intermediate steps and the Merged output with WinDVD and DVDShrink and had no trouble opening/playing them. No reason this should not work for you also. Let me know if it doesn’t.

Tried with my discs to follow your procedure, still no luck - file created on HDD using Advanced settings is still not recognised by Fab.
Have done some more playing and have now discovered it is not with all dvd discs. Used a second Concert DVD and got the same results. Tried a third disc and this time no problem. Got exactly the same result as you. File created on HDD opened perfectly.
Can the menu/lead in info format be causing this???

Still investigating my problem and have tried selecting certain titles using DVDShrink. Then went to DVDFab Merge Mode and the file saved to HDD by Shrink opened as a source with Fab no problem.

Concert disc I have used in my example is CHER_FAREWELL_TOUR. If anyone has this please try it for me and report back

The menus/IFOs can cause problems. That is why I always use the No Menus option in Customize when doing things like this. Merge discards the menu info anyway. Sorry I don’t have the Cher disc to test. It may have some unusual protection scheme or authoring that give DVDFab problems. You can try zipping all the IFO files (before and after ripping, in different folders) and sending them to Fengtao along with a description of the problem and a link to this thread: fengtao(at)dvdidle(dot)com.