Dvdfab 9?



I have don’t know why does the new versions of DVD 9.ect. not work on windows XP SP 3 this is my pc the old dvd 8 is still working… but all I can get to work is sum time and If do update can not get to open @ all my virus scan is disable don’t kanow what else to ask I thanks all have a good day…:doh:


kacal There is still a lot of people using Fab 9 on there XP machines.

Can you give a little more info on your problem so we may help?
Will it not start up at all?
Is it reading the disc but not saving?


not started up at all …


I don’t have Version 9 on any of my XP machines at this time because of the phone home thing.
Hopefully someone will come along and assist you in this matter, I know others are using version 9 on XP


[QUOTE=kacal;2707691]not started up at all …[/QUOTE]
Make sure you put an exclusion for the program in your A/V and Firewall.:wink:


a/v n firewall is off … thanks:confused:


Try doing a clean uninstall with something like CCleaner then reinstall as administrator.