DVDFab is out



New! DVDFab is out!


New: Added support for new copy protection as found on “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1” DVD.
New: Added support for new Java protection.


MD5: D9A2E1F39E64A43855C4B481BA15B7F1
SHA1: 9F2EE45583F6BF2112491E9C95D9BE6DF199CA22
CRC32: 7E5026BA


MD5: ECD2A8404CA07C31029F82AB8D9EE487
SHA1: 76C7389E1688A21B6D0F9C37F6DDFF278D272E01
CRC32: B52A6DA9


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I’ve downloaded this update but this movie still won’t copy for some reason. Says I need to wait on a new version of HD DVD DECRYPTER I believe it said was the error message. Anyone that can help me figure out what to do please?


We need more information. Such as: DVD or Blu-ray? Are you a registered user (a paid license that is not expired)? PathPlayer set to “Always Enable”? The session for this disc from the DVDFab internal log would also be helpful.