DVDFab Beta is out



New!DVDFab Beta is out


New: Added support of merging multiple trim clips to Ripper and Video Converter.
Fix: An A/V sync problem when converting DVD to mkv.passthrough in certain cases.
Fix: A problem that the frame rate is wrong when opening DVD source in certain cases.
Fix: A problem that the converted video still retains the black bars after selecting “Auto Crop” in certain cases.
Fix: Some minor changes and improvements.

MD5: ACCDE1A070F56DD1A71A2862CC09AF75
SHA1: 781E0ABBE376D041E9EFB3BB8D672D652AE6AA80
CRC32: 902E5C2E

MD5: 50D0D3AB3A017C26ECD36981D90EC320
SHA1: A11564A67B88A2B535C58F8669BB4886DEA34A4F
CRC32: F6898BA3


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There is an unannounced change to the Ripper module GUI in v9.1.7.8: the Volume control is now located on the Info tab on the Edit page. To access it click Edit (upper left) and you should see it in the lower right (below the output preview player).


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