DVDFab is out



New!DVDFab is out


[li]New: Improved support for DVD copy protections.
[/li][li]New: Improved support for IQS (Intel Quick Sync) GPU conversion.
[/li][li]New: Added video adjust feature (Brightness, Contrast and Saturation)in Ripper and Video Converter.
[/li][li]New: Added support to merge multiple video files in Video Converter.
[/li][li]New: Added support to preserve file chapters in Video Converter.
[/li][li]New: Added support to set “Scale Method” at Common Settings -> Conversion -> Convert. (The option will be used when the output resolution is different from the source resolution.)
[/li][li]New: Add support to set “Deinterlacing Method” at Common Settings -> Conversion -> Convert.(The option will be used when converting interlaced source in Ripper and Video Converter.)
[/li][li]Fix: A problem that the GUI character is messed up in certain cases. (NOTE: Please change the display method at Common Settings -> General -> Click “A” icon if you are experiencing some GUI character display problems.)
[/li][li]Fix: Anuncompressedproblem when copying Blu-ray 3D fulldisc to BD25 with “Copy as 3D” option selected in certain cases.
[/li][li]Fix: A failure problem when converting Blu-ray to mkv.h264.aac in certain cases.
[/li][li]Fix: A problem that the converted mp4 (MPEG4) files are not playable in Windows Media Player.
[/li][li]Fix: A failureproblem when converting to profile “Xbox 360 (WMV)” in Ripper.
[/li][li]Fix: A problem that the subtitle color of the output file is not correct in certain cases.
[/li][li]Fix: Some minor changes and improvements.


MD5: 6DAB6A3C7A18C8E01BE67B15773FE07C
SHA1: 7D3DB0877A9B51FCDA72576E9528171008A1F546
CRC32: 39D8232D


MD5: 8421D6CFF4500A3D5C8E144D34C77417
SHA1: 3B2111CEDBCE3D961E3395D67BF6B617D6F6587E
CRC32: 5368A6AD


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