Hello, I haven’t been here in a while mainly because I stopped backing up my new dvd’s (mistake). Now I’ve downloaded the latest and it says the free version is activated but it goes directly to a page to buy. I paid for a version in 2008 and when it ran out used the free hd decrypter. I may buy 6 dvd/blurays a year and so paying all of that money is not an option. I’m living on SS. How do I use the free version? I’m sure this question is asked a lot but I can’t find a thread. Thanks everybody!:confused:

Just download V9 and use the trial until its finished on the other products and the Free HD decrypter will never run out. Its really easy. Just remember the free hddecrypter is about 30 days behind the paid version in updating for decryptions.:wink:

but it goes directly to a page to buy.

Not sure how to turn that off I do not remember that happening when I got it. But I do have the paid version.