DVDFab for Windows (December 7, 2013)

New! DVDFab for Windows is out!

Note: This product’s MD5 is - 7fcb7e13db68cf7be519c908ea7d156b


DVDFab for Windows (December 7, 2013)

New: Removed some options from Common Settings, since they will be remembered in main interface when user change them.
Fix: Improved user experience of DVD Split.
Fix: A problem that cannot set the subtitle and chapter in Merge mode of DVD Copy.
Fix: A problem that no subtitle ripped when ripping with VOB.Passthrough profile.
Fix: A freeze problem when ripping to .MKV profiles with “Display the forced subtitle only” enabled.
Fix: A problem that FPS (frames per second) is analyzed wrongly, when reading .VOB and .mpeg files.
Fix: A problem that the resolution is wrong when converting .VOB files in certain cases.

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