DVDFab for Windows (March 1, 2013)

New! DVDFab for Windows is out!


DVDFab for Windows (March 1, 2013)

New: Added support for a new Java protection as found on “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2”.
New: Added support to delete profile which was downloaded or created by user.
Fix: Some localization problems for pt-BR, it-IT, ja-JP, de-DE, zh-TW, fr-FR and es-ES.
Fix: Some crash problems which caused by CUDA encoder.
Fix: A 1000 error problem when copying Blu-ray with external subtitle.
Fix: A wrong resolution problem with special Blu-ray disc which has the black bar in the left and right side, such as: 007_Dr.No.
Fix: A freeze problem when ripping Blu-ray with external subtitle at the second time.
Fix: A wrong multiple angles info in Summary when ripping Blu-ray in certain cases.
Fix: A 500 error when remux one internal subtitle or two external subtitles.
Fix: A crash problem when ripping to Blu-ray with colored subtitle.
Fix: A problem that cannot split file for vob.passthrough in DVD Ripper.
Fix: An A/V sync problem when ripping with CoreAVC decoder in certain cases.
Fix: An aspect ratio problem when creating DVD disc.
Fix: A freeze problem when creating DVD or Blu-ray in certain cases.
Fix: A problem that the created DVD cannot be played by DVDFab Media Player.

Thanks xorsists

Thanks xorsists. :flower: