DVDFab Qt Beta (April 28, 2012)



DVDFab Qt Beta (April 28 2012)


DVDFab Qt Beta (April 28, 2012)

New: Updated language files.
Fix: DVDFab burning engine cannot be used when any DVDFab option is expired.

DVD Copy:
Fix: A wrong expired warning dialog for Gold lifetime user.

DVD Ripper:
Fix: No choice of 5.1 multi-channels when using iPad.h264.multichannel profile.
Fix: A crash problem when clicking “Conversion Settings” button in “Task Queue” window in certain cases.

Blu-ray Copy:
New: Added support for new Java-based protection.
Fix: A black screen playback problem when copying “Full Disc”.


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When I try to split a DVD, as shown below

several titles are missing that show up in Customize Split

I originally created this image that I’m trying to split by selecting the titles that I wanted from the Maltese Falcon in DVD Copy - Customize. This way, I can just get the titles I want - and then split (as when you split, you’re forced to check each title, whether you want them or not).

This generally works well, but in this case, there are lots of titles missing when I try to split?


Try opening the image in DVD Shrink. I use DVD Shrink when i split a long movie or make compilation DVD’s. Much easier to work with. With DVD Shrink, i could put the first part of the movie on one disc, and the last part with bonus features on the second disc.