DVDFab Qt Beta (January 3, 2011)



Dear all,

DVDFab Qt Beta is out:


This is a major update, it may contain some bugs, please check changelog before downloading it.

DVDFab Qt Beta (January 3, 2011)

Happy New Year 2012!
New: Updated language files.
New: Updated FFmpeg library.
New: Added two brand new options: “DVD Creator” and “Blu-ray Creator”. User can convert video files on PC to DVD or Blu-ray disc which can be played on standalone player.


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Thanks SJ


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Some interesting new functions there.



There is a large amount of internal changes and may have other issues so the developers need feedback from users, this may not be as stable as a normal DVDFab beta version.


With the new options/modules the output will have a watermark so you may not want to convert a bunch of files for permanent keepings, most likely they will stay in trial mode until they go on sale.