DVDFab Qt Beta is out:



Dear all,

DVDFab Qt Beta is out:


This is a major update, it may contain some bugs, please check changelog before downloading it.
Note: Registration issue being reported.

DVDFab Qt Beta (December 31, 2011)

Happy New Year 2012!
New: Updated language files.
New: Updated FFmpeg library.
New: Added two brand new options: “DVD Creator” and “Blu-ray Creator”. User can convert video files on PC to DVD or Blu-ray disc which can be played on standalone player.


Good looking out SJ, you rock.:bow:


This build has problems.

This was posted on the DVDFab Beta Forum…

“This Beta has caused problems for many users with their product registrations. Please do not install it until there is a fix. If you installed it and have problems, just re-install v8.1.3.8 Qt.”

Hope a fix is due soon.


None of the registration information worked correctly. Everything was listed as a trial expiring today. I fell back to v8.1.3.8 Qt and everything is fine.


Cheers SJ. :flower:



Thanks for the heads up WeeHappyPixie’s & Magic_Randy. Will wait.


I recommend users/members not to install this update, if you did and are having issues with this update I suggest you rollback to v8138 and wait for the next release.


Thanks for the update info SJ :flower:

I can wait :iagree: