DVDFab Qt Beta (September 3, 2011)



Dear all,

DVDFab Qt Beta is out:


What’s New:

New: Updated language files.
New: The default profile for AVI was changed to 2GB+ which allows output file to be larger than 2GB.
Fix: New preview player should stop after minimizing interface.
Fix: New preview player should show “Exit Full Screen” when it’s already in full screen.
Fix: New preview player improved compatibility with old version of DirectX on Windows XP SP3.
Fix: A crash problem when changing source in “Settings -> Info” window.
Fix: The interface layout was wrong for “DVD Copy - Split”.
Fix: “2D to 3D” checkbox was disabled for “3D device” in certain cases.
Fix: Default resolution was not optimal for “3D device”.

DVD Ripper:
Fix: A video jerky problem when copying DVD to PS3/iPod/iPhone/iPad with CUDA encoder.

Blu-ray Copy:
Fix: A freeze problem when copying Blu-ray with VC-1 video in certain cases.
Fix: A freeze problem when copying Blu-ray to BD9/BD5 when subpicture is selected in certain cases.

Blu-ray Ripper:
Fix: A no sound problem in output for m2ts.passthrough profile.
Fix: Shock-wave noise in output when selecting the second DTS-HD Master Audio track.

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