DVDFab Beta (Qt) Full Scan & Slow Speed Quality Settings



It appears the new Beta has a glitch in my system. I upgraded from 8087, I had to reconfigure some of my settings. It reset some of them back to defualt. I am never in a rush and prefer quality over speed. I select Full Scan & Slow speed Quality options for Blue-ray. I ran a BD Back up of Sniper-Reloaded and then The Losers to see if it did the same thing. After inserting the BD and selecting BD Movie only it starts to anilize the disk. As soon as you click next and proceed to burn it appears to quit doing the full scan and start proccessing the Disk then Burn. Pevios version compleated the full scan before proccessing. It is obvious it did not do the full scan or Quality slow speed as it didn’t take long to finish. Hoping this information is helpfull to you.
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