DVDFab is out (January 5, 2011):

Dear all,

DVDFab is out (January 5, 2011):


What’s New:

  • New: Updated language files.

DVD Copy:

  • Fix: Some DVD discs cannot be opened in v8067.

Blu-ray Copy:

  • Fix: “Full Disc” and “Clone” backup of some Blu-ray 3D discs cannot be played.

Thanks StormJumper.

Wow, three non-beta’s in a row.

Thanks SJ

Thanks SJ.
Now i’ll retry The Last Exorcism.

I had to disable Pathplayer to make Machete work on my Vista Ultimate machine

Yeah, I’m not sure of what’s going on with this program now. All my optical drives are RPC-free, and when I try to copy a region-locked disc, DVDFab is only seeing the region-related video on this disc, so it analyzes, Full Disc Copy , a whopping 28MB LOL. This is a disc from 2004. Same with a Romanian DVD from 2002. Same with Avatar ECE Disc 3. I’ve had to use a competitor’s trial program and DVD Shrink to get a backup made. I’m not sure what’s changed in DVDFab over the last few versions, since I never had problems backing up hundreds of my DVDs before.

This version ( seems to be better. The disc from 2004 is now correctly analyzed, but the PAL R2 disc is still being seen as only 28MB, which is the anti-piracy video that plays before the menu. May I ask where to send this problematic disc’s IFO’s?


When in DVDFab press on the green arrow on the top and then press Send info files.

Thanks SJ!:cool:

Thanks, SJ.

This version automatically activates the default subtitle (English, for me). Other versions did not do this.
Does anyone know if this has been corrected in the latest version? I’d rather not have the subtitles come on automatically.