DVDFab Beta is out (December 1, 2010):

Dear all,

DVDFab Beta is out (December 1, 2010):


What’s New:

DVDFab Beta (December 1, 2010)

New: Updated language files.
New: Several minor changes and improvements.
Fix: A freeze problem when using CUDA 2-pass encoding in certain cases.

DVD Ripper:
Fix: MP4 AAC 5.1 wrong channel problem when source audio is AC3 or DTS.

Blu-ray 3D Ripper:
New: Subpicture can be rendered now.
Fix: Left eye image may be wrong in certain cases.

Blu-ray to DVD Converter:
Fix: An authoring error which causes the output DVD cannot be read by DVDFab again.

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Observation not complaint.

Can’t tell about last few beta releases because I didn’t rip any dvd’s but with …5.3 dvd ripping has slowed down. Have done several dvd’s with Full option and it is noticeably slower than early version of 8… that I did use. Inception, Shrek final (like I believe that), and A-Team DVD’s.

However the convert to vob pass through for my PS3 is FAST.