DVDFAB problem

I recently downloaded DVDFAB
When I load in a DVD and run the software, the software hangs up.

If I load in the software first and select my options, then load in a DVD, the software intermittently hangs up.

Is there a bug with the latest version of DVDFAB. The early versions of DVDFAB did not go this way.

I’ve used DVD Shrink and it doesn’t hang up.

Can anyone help

Hi dtreacy
other members have also had trouble with version, there is a new version out which you can download from HERE it is version beta
also try these settings in common settings on the write settings page
Write Speed…4x or 8x
Write Type of DVD-R Media…SAO Writing
DVD Writable Media (DVD-5) Size…4464 (use customize in drop down )
Set Booktype to DVD-ROM…(put a check in the small box)

Hi StormJumper,
I downloaded the beta version and it is working fine.
I didn’t adjust the common settings as I don’t burn to DVD with DVDFAB.

DVDFAB is only used to backup the DVDs to the hard drive. I then use DVD Shrink and Nero 7 to burn the backups to DVD-R.

Thanks very much for your help


Just curious why are you using Shrink and Nero to burn when FAB will do it all in one program

Hi Jim,

I don’t trust a read and burn at the same time. If that’s what you are thinking about.
I use DVDFAB to backup the DVD to my drive.

I then use Shrink to create an ISO image and nero to burn.

If the film is over 2hrs 30min long, I use Shrink AEC and smoothness features to give me a good picture.

Have being using Shrink and Nero for a couple of years now.
If DVDFAB can do the same as Shrink and Nero, I’ll gladly go that way.
All in all, it take 45mins to backup and burn to DVD-R.

Hi dtreacy,

Just to clarify a point, Fab does not “read and burn at the same time”, ie., it does not copy on the fly. DVDFab decrypter is a ripping app only. Fab platinum will do it all and uses VSO as the default burn engine, but you can also use nero as a burn engine within the Fab app.

Are you using DVDFAB Gold or Platinum? because with DVDFAB Platinum it only takes me around 15 to 20 minutes to burn a movie at 8X,

Hi Jim,
I’m using DVDFAB Platinum. I use DVD Writers to backup my DVD movies.
DVD writers are slow at ripping a DVD. DVD-ROM is faster at ripping a movie to my hard drive. I don’t have a DVD-ROM.

It depends on what you are speed you are ripping them at because like I said it takes me from 15 to 20 min to do a full disk, thats rip,shrink and burn at 8X, Did you check your IDE channels to see if they were in the PIO or DMA mode? Your burner should be in the ultra dma 4 mode :bigsmile:

Hi Jim,
Both my DVD writer drives are in DMA mode. They are ultra DMA mode 2


Are you using 80 wire IDE cable

dtreacy …use DVDFAB for the complete process, and if you burner is set up correctly it will be quick and the result very good.
Jimbo has given you all the info you need.

I’m using 80 wire IDE. Drives are set to Ultra DMA Mode 2

Is it set as a slave :confused:

The burners should be in the ultra DMA 4 mode, that might be the problem, check StormJumpers post :bigsmile:

Yo Jimbo-

Only a handful of drives operate at ultraDMA 4 - like LiteOns and some LG’s - most drives operate at Ultra DMA 2-

My BenQ 1655 writes and my LiteOn 160P6s burns and DVDfab Gold takes anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes to rip and burn to say Verbatim MCC004’s - and you are entirely correct in advising the ‘set and forget’ one stroke/using DVDfab Gold only-eh!