DVDFab Beta is out (September 29, 2010

DVDFab beta is out. It is suppose to handle the new encryption on Ironman 2.

Message from Fentago:

DVD Copy:
New: Added support for a new copy protection as found on “Iron Man 2” (US).
BTW, the video quality of this DVD is poor, it’s clear the movie studio spent money on protection instead of the DVD itself.

I haven’t tried it. I already copied it using version

Good Luck.


Oops. I didn’t realize others had already posted this news.


Hi NAH51

I want to thank for your help and you posting the update, however it was posted already (6 1/2 hours ago) and is in the sticky area, please try and check first before making such a thread to avoid multiple threads for updates.

If you post something first which should be a sticky your thread will become the new sticky :wink: again thank you for trying to help :clap::flower:


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