DVDFab 7 Registration Problem



Hi everyone, I have been following this site for a long time, but this time I can’t find a solution here that works for my problem. I’m also having problems registering DVDFab 7, and have tried every solution that I’ve read here that’s worked for other people, but none of them have worked for me. I registered DVDFab 5 when it first came out, and have had no problems with version 5 or 6, but 7 will not register no matter what I do. I have version 7 on my main computer, along with version 6, on XP Home. Any new ideas would be welcome!


Use the same key that you used for version 6


Yeah, tried that, still says that dvd-to-dvd is not enabled.


[QUOTE=Xceler8ing;2524196]Yeah, tried that, still says that dvd-to-dvd is not enabled.[/QUOTE]

You say your having this issue on XP home premium, hmmm been a while since I seen this issue with XP…

You say you tried everything, so I take it you’ve did the double clicking on the reg key method instead of entering it manually…Right ? also did you also do a “Clean uninstall” of v7 using the guide below?


I have done the double clicking on the reg key method, as well as entering it manually, both with the same results. I have not done a clean uninstall per your guide yet, never had to before when updating and was saving that for a “nothing else has worked, guess I have to do this” type of thing!


I’ve just eliminated XP as being the problem…I just installed version on another of my computers on my home network, running Vista Home Premium, just to check, and it has the very same problem. This computer has never had DVDFab on it before. I also tried the double-click method and the manual method with the registration code, with no luck on this computer either. This tells me it must be a DVDFab problem, right?


Go to DVDFab site and get another key, may have been corrupted during dwnload


I did that yesterday as well, with the same results. And the original key has worked all this time with versions 5 & 6. Thanks for the help, though.


The key should be different for version 5 and versions 6

Did you get the version 6 All in one key?


There’s more than one type of key? How do I tell which one I have?


Version 5 had it’s own key, when version 6 came out and if you had a lifetime prescription all you had to do was request one from there site and it would be e-mailed to you.

You would use the drop down arrow to choose the all in one key, check this out.



Well, I believe I just found the problem…after bean55’s last reply, I went to my email archives and found my original order confirmation from DVDFab from Jan 6, 2009 when I purchased DVDFab 5. I thought all the licenses were “lifetime”, but apparently I purchased a “1 Year” subscription, which would run out in Jan. 2010.

I guess I’ll head to their website and see about re-upping my license. I certainly appreciate all the help, thanks very much.



Your Welcome Xceler8ing

The lifetime subscription is worth it for most of us.


I thought I purchased the lifetime subscription the first time, obviously I now need to learn how to read!!!

Anyway, just got done with the renew process, and I’m back up and running. You guys are great!



I’m back up and running.

Music to our ears :smiley: pun intended :bigsmile:

Happy Burning :bigsmile: