DVDFab Beta is out (May 15, 2010):



Dear all,

DVDFab Beta is out (May 15, 2010):


What’s New:

DVDFab Beta (May 15, 2010)

New: Updated language files.

Fix: A crash problem when clicking “Settings” after opening a movie only DVD.

Blu-ray to Blu-ray:
Fix: “Full Disc” backup cannot be played on standalone player in certain cases.
Fix: Several crash problems when copying Blu-ray in “Full Disc” mode.
Fix: A crash problem when copying Blu-ray folder in “Full Disc” mode.

DVD to Mobile:
Blu-ray to Mobile:
File to Mobile:
New: Added support for Apple iPad.


Thanks SJ.:clap:


[B]Thank You[/B].As always [B]Love[/B] these [B]Updates[/B]



“New: Added support for Apple iPad.”

Yay!!! Just took delivery on my 3G Ipad. Can’t wait to try my luck at adding a movie to it. Thanks, Fengtao and SJ!


Ya might want to d/l the latest version which is