DVDFab Beta is out



DVDFab Beta is out
Dear all,

DVDFab Beta is out (May 4, 2010):


What’s New:

DVDFab Beta (May 4, 2010)

New: Updated language files.

Blu-ray to Blu-ray:
New: Improved BD25 compatibility with standalone player.
Fix: Several crash problems which were introduced in 7051beta.
Fix: “Full Disc” BD25 output need double layer Blu-ray writable disc problem.


Hi- I’ve downloaded this new beta and I’ve been trying to do backups of blu rays that I’ve saved on my hard drive…The new beat starts analyzing the blu ray folder from the hard disc- it finishes way too fast- and then the program crashes and gives me the error report form…I’ve filled out the error report form and emailed it only to get the emails bounced back to me…I’m trying to compress BD50 to BD 25…Maybe I’m doing something wrong??? Any help out there???


[QUOTE=alan1476;2515674][B]DVDFab Beta is out[/B]
Fix: Several crash problems which were introduced in 7051beta.

Thanks, this fixed a severe crash under Wine. :wink:


Just done Avatar BD50 to BD25 and it came out 43GB… same as original.


Tried Avatar again but this time its a few hundred mb too big to burn to BD25…


Tried ripping a backup copy of “Leap Year” and all I get is a reading error. Tried another ripping program with no luck. Help!!!


carl920 there is a new beta Today get it.