Dvdfab 6

hi, newbie here…

i have dvdfab 6

i just burned a movie to a dvd+r dl

and i made sure i set the booktype to dvd-rom

but then i saw that it only supports dvd+r/rw.

i burned the movie anyway using dvdfab 6, hoping it will still work.

after i burned the movie, my dvd player only read the first couple of chapters then suddenly skipped and finally just stopped.

does that mean i cant use dvd+r dl with dvdfab 6??

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The most probable cause is the DL disc. Too bad, only Verbatim branded discs proved to be really reliable media. All other brands have a very variable quality from ugly to just decent.

Try again with a Verbatim DL disc, this should solve.

does that mean i cant use dvd+r dl with dvdfab 6??[/QUOTE]

The ability to burn DL media is related to the drive not to the software, so DVDFab is not related with the problem. Maybe a firmware update in the burner can improve writing quality :slight_smile:

It could mean you can’t use DL media with your player. If you want the best DL burn use Verbatim media and burn it with ImgBurn.

thanks for the reply guys.

i was using some memorex dvd+r dl , lucky it was just a 5 pak
and i thought setting booktype to dvd-rom would play in my PS2.

where can i purchase verbatim dvds?

walmart/bestbuy/officemax/kmart/officedepot/bjs wholesale/tigerdirect/brandsmart

these are the stores near me.


Verbatim can be found at Best Buy and Office Max for certain.

If your burner is older than 3rys or so, I’d look for the slower speed Verbatim DL +R, usually marked as 2.4x-6x. They also make an 8x version. The slower speed ones might be a bit more compatible with older burners.