Dvdfab 6

i purchased dvdfab5 months ago. i ran the patch and everything worked fine. It’s now time for an upgrade to fab6. I tried to get my reg key and there website says that my e-mail is not in there database. have had NO response from support. any ideas?

what do you mean you ran the patch? where did you get the patch?

did you change your email address?

Patch? FAB doesn’t come with a patch, sure sounds like you got a hacked copy. Where did you buy DVDFAB from?

This is where i downloaded the product from…
From: “411Guru Inc.” <supremesales88@hotmail.com>


I think that you already answered my question…i believe that i bought a hacked version…sucks…

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http://club.cdfreaks.com/f116/illegal-websites-selling-fengtao-software-275169/ We are sorry for your misfortune, but there is no way for us to help you. That patch might and very well is infected with viruses, that would cause the program to not work correctly so there is no way for us to help you. I would delete the program, try to get my money back and buy the real deal. Sorry again.