Dvdfab 6

I have been a DVDFAB user for many years now. It is a great product. I recieved an E-mail announcement today saying that now DVDFAB 6 is out. Along with a discount coupon to purchase it. DVDFAB comes with FREE lifetime software updates, why would I want to pay for it again?

Is DVDFAB going to dicountinue there FREE software updates for DVDFAB5? I am sure that many other people are woundering this same question right now.

Please let us know what to expect from DVDFAB.



[QUOTE=paullatham;2276445]why would I want to pay for it again?[/QUOTE]
Beats me, as does the fact that you’re asking the question here instead of the DVDFab sub forum.

No No No if you have version 5 you can d/l version 6 for free but you will have to get a new key (free) for ver 6 and yes you will still get free lifetime updates if you had it before