DVDFAB 6 & The Dark Knight

I’m having two different problems with DVDFAB 6 and my copy of The Dark Knight (a movie I know caused many issues upon its release).

If PathPlayer is enabled or disabled:

DVDFAB displays Reading/Writing Error messages upon startup. It will ask to Retry/Abort/Ignore/Ignore All, but eventually recognize the movie and allow me to setup a DVD to Mobile session.

However, the transcoding freezes at about 40% into the movie each time and crashes DVDFAB. The file left behind (mp4) will play and looks great, but audio is out of synch by a good 4 or 5 seconds.

Any ideas?

sounds like the disc is either scratched or has an error (which is more commin then you think) I backed up dark night on 6 with no issue

It’s interesting you say that, because the first time I played it out of the box (disc is spotless), it “jumped” back to the menu halfway through.

Take it back where you bought it and get another copy as it sounds like it is a bad press

its actually pretty common, I had 3 bad copies of the grudge 3 before I got a good one.

It’s a bad press. I went back to the scene where it froze the first time I played it (right after Gordon is shot). Sure enough, it froze again, then jumped back to the opening credits.

I bought it in January right after Christmas. Hopefully, Best Buy is understanding. I won’t tell them when I got it – I just want an even exchange.

the dark knight copied fine for me