DVDFAB 6 Crashes (My Computer) when processing


So DVDFAB 6 came out. I bought version 4, but it told me I wasn’t a registered customer or something. I like the software, so I threw a couple more bones at it. It does work really well when it works.

Recently when I go to convert/extract/anything it all goes well until I pull the trigger (after specifying whatever). It starts processing, does not make it past 5% and then something happens. I use autoadminlogon and VNC so I’m headless. My VNC session dies, and when I start a new one all my startup services are started fresh and all windows are gone like my PC rebooted. There is some information in the event logs and some dump files. Scary. It worked fine before, nothing changed.

I’ve used (insert other popular free software here) and it worked fine. I’ve stopped my antivirus (avira), and my streamer (wizd). No help. I’m back to and it’s happy as a clam chugging right along (no crash).

It’s like I can’t use DVDFAB 6.0 without it crashing. I checked the forum briefly and found no similar reports. Am I alone on this? Any ideas? I just shelled out some decent cash to support the cause.

Do I need to fresh install? Is there any information I can provide that would help? I almost don’t want to clean this up too quickly so that we can properly diagnose it.


I can confirm, DVDFAB is fine, crashes. Same setup.

[QUOTE=Purduethumbs;2288191]I can confirm, DVDFAB is fine, crashes. Same setup.[/QUOTE]

OK…there are some issues with v6 - we’re all waiting for the next release, which may (or may not) fix some or all of these issues. If v5 works, might as well keep using it 'til we learn more at the next release.