DVDFab 6 Blu Ray


Using DVD Fab 6, I try Blu ray to hard disk and nothing appears ( with such movies as The dark Night and"La Loi et l’Ordre".
Someone could explain why and how to operate ?
Thanks a lot for your replies.

DVDFab can’t deal with blu-ray. Even though they say it does. But it can’t and Blu-ray support is also very limited in Fab.

It’s almost like non existence support.

Please describe in a little more detail exactly what happens. Also, which version of DVDFab are you using?

Ok, you do have a dvd burner and a blu-ray reader but does your device BURN BLU-RAY DISC? dont get mad just checking…

I have a Blu ray drive and can burns.
I try to rip the blu ray to my hard disk.
I succeded with one of my blue ray but for the main movie it takes 8 hours !

i have used the software my self.
i have lg ggw-h20l blu ray recorder.
use anydvd hd and use dvdfab 6 to process the ripped files
only this way works!
ps versions before don’t work proper!
wait for updates in dvdfab 6 in order to ripper properly , it doesn’t support bd+ protection yet

Thanks for your replies.
I use anyDVD just before using DVDFAB6. And I have to close anydvd just after as DVDFAB crashes if anydvd runs at the same time.