DVDFab 6 and MSE problem

I’ve had DVDFab 6 for a little while now and has been working great. Last week I decided to join the Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) Beta program.

I haven’t seen any mention of this on the MSE beta forums and thought I’d ask here.

Ever since installing MSE (on two different machines), now every time I launch DVDFab 6, my system chokes, MSE gets turned off and then my system freezes. This is consistently happening on two different systems and the only thing in common between the two machines is that both have DVDFab 6 and MSE installed. Uninstalling MSE solves the problem but I wanted to keep testing MSE if possible.

Has anyone else, who’s tried or currently testing MSE, experienced this? And if so, are there any workarounds?

DVDFab checks for new versions unless you have the function turned off in Common Settings or are disconnected from the internet. It also immediately looks for drives with DVDs via SPTI and opens any it finds. You can modify this behavior slightly by telling it to use ASPI in Common Settings. Does it crash if you open Fab with no discs in any drives? There is also a way to tell DVDFab about its network environment in Common Settings if that seems to be the problem. Sounds like the sensitivity needs to cranked down on MSE.

Thanks for the reply signals.

I’ve tried this with no disk in the drive and also added DVDFab.exe to the exclusions list in MSE. Didn’t help.

On the recommendation from another forum’s member, I placed the whole folder (c:\Program Files\DVDFab 6) into the exclusion locations in MSE and that seems to have done the trick. I’m now able to launch DVDFab without crashing the system.

I’m sending this to MSFT but I’m wondering if this info would also help the DVDFab tech team.

I’m sure it would. Fengtao was in the forum earlier today and may have seen it already. DVDFab has quite a stable of executables that would have to be added manually to the list; sounds like the folder thing was a golden fix.