I tried DVDFAB and I have a problem. When I try copying a DVD, DVDFAB does not recognize that the DVD that is being copied to is a Double layer DVD(DVD 9).
It recognizes it as a a DVD 5 during the initial phase, but as a DVD 9 Double Layer during the record phase.

Is there a update that allows a disk to be copied to a Double Layer DVD (DVD 9)?

Any help is appreciated.


Hi yellow123,
Not real sure I understand your question but I’ll take a stab.
when you put in a blank D/L media to burn to, DVDFab, only see’s it as a single,
if this correct, then go into common setting ( the green button top bar with a check )
go to left column- DVD to DVD …> default output size, and change to DVD9
then on main page bottom left, Quality drop down, again change to DVD9
hope this helped if not let me know.


Choose DVD 9 in the dropdown for ( Quality )


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