OK, after 2+ years I have given up on DVDFab supporting the ability to just letterbox frames in order to create the correct sized frame. But it would be extremely nice if DVDFab actually was able to resize the output as specified. Loading a Spinn configuration for ISO -> AVI conversion, I select 480x272. I convert, and it ends up as 480x270. When trying it again, I notice that on returning to the conversion dialog, my setting of 480x272 is not retained. So DVDFab just ignores conversions. Happens in all the latest versions. I had not tried it in a long time, because I feed the output of DVDFab to VirtualDub in order to create the correct frame size and letterbox it correctly, as DVDFab is unable to perform this task.

Just out of curiousity, do you remember the last version that worked?

I was trying to remember when I posted. It must have been before 6.x.x.x, as I have become used to taking the output of DVDFab and feeding it to VirtualDub in order to create the correct sized frames with no ratio distortion.