DVDFAB will read the blu-ray disc but will not burn

I have been using DVDFAB for manny years burning DVD’s without issue. I upgraded to the new blu-ray edition and I now have problems just burning DVD’s let alone Blu-ray disc’s. Many times I have to uninstall DVDFAB and restart the computer and the reinstall DVDFAB for it to burn the DVD. Now when it comes to the Blu-ray burning I have been successful only 3 times. Most of the time the program crashes and I will the try to write the blu-ray from the previously ripped movie but it fails immediately. Sometimes it reads the movie then begins to write the disc but fails immediately. I thought maybe my blu-ray burner was the issue but I have tested it and it works fine, I even bought a Buffalo external 8x speed burner and got the same results as previously described. Help please.

David Rockwell