DVDFab subtitle bug

When using the dvd to mobile option (to iPhone)and subtitles are selected to be rendered to the video, no subtitles are actually added.

EDIT: This seems to be an issue with widescreen DVD’s(?). A 4:3 DVD converted to iPhone Mpeg4 had subtitles, but when I tried converting my copy of “deep blue sea”, no subtitles are added. Weird.

Might not be too helpfull but try some different things like make another profile with same settings. Try and work around it. I have had little problems like not being able to open a disk filder from DVD to mobile; but, if I go to DVD to DVD open a fiolder then go back to DVD to Mobile; its works. Had some other little issues that seemed to sort themselves out; like it’s adaptive. Sorry not to be of much help.

Noticed another bug(?), some subtitles (that do renders with the video) actually seems to have wrong aspect ratio, they seem very “flat”…?