DVDFab File to Mobile option, MPG resolution problem

I am experiencing a problem converting a 720 x 480 mpg video to avi. The problem seems to be some kind of math error in the calculation of resolution ratios.

I note on the Cropping Settings screen that the resolution is correctly being reported as 720 x 480, but that the ratio is INCORRECTLY calculated as 0.89:1. It should be 1.5:1 or 3:2.

In the Conversion Settings menu, the best resolution I am offered is 416 x 480 (cropped down from 440 x 480, I guess). At any rate, the highest resolution ratio I am offered is about 0.89, nothing near 1.5.

The resulting image has two large black bars top and bottom, which prevent it from being zoomed to fit the screen.

The biggest problem here is not mine, but if the program is making this kind of error here, which seems pretty simple-minded, it looks like there is a greater problem in the algorithm’s logic.

Anybody else seeing this problem? Got Help?

Is the original mpg file letterboxed? I have never tried this but it sounds like a strange result.

//EDIT// Just tried it with a downloaded file and it reports the same thing. 352x240 reported as
0.89:1 on the window bar but correctly as 1.33:1 in the resolution selection list. Checked the
original file with MediaInfo, also reported as 4:3. Gremlins.

Thanks for the conformation, signals.

The mpg file is absolutely vanilla. Plain old 720 x 480.

Incidentally, the mpg plays just fine. I am interested in conversion for the space saving only, which is somewhere around 60% and not unimportant to me.